Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clinic follow up

3 weeks post-op 

We headed back to clinic today for Jack Nathan's post-op follow up.  Today I had a willing helper along for the day!

Josiah our entertainer!
Despite a few spots that weren't healing well, the doctor said everything looks great!  Jack has a small spot where an abscessed stitch is working it's way to the surface.  It's been producing some pus...  but this morning we could see a tiny stitch emerging.  Soon it will be out and his lip can finish healing.  Other than that spot he looks great!  The surgeon was pleased.  

We go back in 3 months to talk about the palate repair.

His hearing was tested again and with the tubes in his hearing is Normal!  It was neat to be in the booth with him  and see him respond very quickly (this time) to all the sounds and prompts.  It was also especially fun for me because I've sat in this booth many, many, many times before with Abby.  She doesn't respond to sounds in the same way and can't enjoy the clapping monkey or dancing pig.  The results are usually not encouraging.

Watching Jack Nathan turn his little head, pointing and giggling at the prompts... it was just fun.  

A good day!

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Stephany said...

I'm so happy that all is going so well! Congratulations!