Friday, April 5, 2013

New Beds

Patrick has always wanted to build bunk-beds for our kids.  About a year ago he found plans that we both really liked!  Finding the time to tackle the task proved to be a challenge.

After Jack Nathan came home we started considering more seriously how we needed to arrange the kids for optimal sleep, privacy and special Abby needs.  During this discussion Patrick decided it was time to jump into the bunk-bed project!

Several months of measuring, cutting, sanding and staining...


They are so beautiful, and the boys love them.  For now they are not actually "bunked" but serve as great new sleeping spots.  Some day the boys will go upstairs to a bigger room, but for now everyone is cozy downstairs.

One more goal on our to-do list... CHECK!


Evan and Marta said...

Wow! They're really beautiful. Nice job, Patrick.

MaryM said...

You guys are amazing!