Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Potty training 301

This is really for me- a few key things to keep in mind during this season of life!

• make peace with the toilet water- it won't kill you when you have to touch it

• don't eat all the potty treats yourself (hint: don't buy peanut butter M&M's!)

• don't be surprised if your 3 year old decides to play IN the toilet (and flushes down a small car!)

• don't become too attached to his cute undies- send them to the trash when messy in public!

• Keep the wipes out of reach of 3 year old

• just prepare yourself each morning for puddles on the floor- or any other surface!

• go ahead and stock up on laundry soap- your gonna need it!

• pull-ups are your friend and enemy!

• if you feel brave and take your 3 year old out in undies, bring lots of extra Everything!

• don't freak out if he wants to bring his potty into another room to do his business- and then carries it Himself back to the toilet for flushing!

• just expect more messes in general

• prepare for a sore back at night!

• Remember: you can't make him do it!

I know there are lots of different potty training methods, and each child will accomplish this developmental milestone when they are ready...


Some day I won't even remember this. 

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Evan and Marta said...

Is it bad that I'm stalling as long as possible for the reasons you just mentioned?