Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Abby in May

It's been a busy month for Abby.  Home-bound school has come to a close for her.  The summer will conclude her school based services in our home.  Next fall she will attend school again. (more on that later)

We've been to her orthotist at least 3 times to have her AFO's adjusted.  The long seizure she sustained in February has left it's mark, and now her muscle tone is much tighter in her legs and right arm/hand.  This has caused her heals to develop sores as her muscle tone forces her feet into a "ballerina" pointed position.  I think we've finally found a comfortable fit.

This month we've also decided her reflux symptoms have officially returned.  I think we were in denial. She had been doing so well until her medications ran out (in Feb) and we couldn't refill without a visit to Birmingham.  We gave it some time to see if she could tolerate being off her meds.  The finger biting, moaning and crying and sleeplessness were all resurfacing again.  Last week we saw her GI doc again who put her back on Nexium twice a day.  I can already see an improvement!

Two trips to B'ham in a week for doctor appointments, the second for her yearly neurosurgery visit yesterday.  Thankfully it went very smoothly and she is clear for another year!

Up next is an OT eval for her hand.  It seems to like staying in a fist and curled toward her arm more than we like.  She could possibly end up with yet another piece of equipment... hand splint.

Those precious hands.  As I was holding her on her exercise ball today she held my hand, as she has done so many times.  It struck me how much those hands have changed.  The first time she held my finger tip that was all she could hold... her hands were so tiny.

Aunt Christy's pinky finger

tiny hand at 23 wks gestation

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Paige said...

What an amazing story you have to tell... She was so tiny and amazing...