Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soy to the rescue!

So we've switched AGAIN to a new formula for Abby.  She was having such a hard time on the Pediasure, although it took us a while to narrow down the problem.

How do we know?

She wasn't sleeping well, still biting her fingers and crying often, and a few other personal issues.

Since switching to the Soy formula along with adding a ton more water to her daily diet (in cooperation with her dietician) we have come to what seems like a solution!  She is sleeping better and seems happier, most of the time.

Yea for Soy!

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BusyLizzyMom said...

I hope this works out for Abby. Pediasure is one of the worst for reflux. I find the kids I see do well on Nutren, Peptamin or Compleat Jr (which is actually pureed real food).
We had to switch Elizabeth to soy at 2 years due to vomiting and it did wonders with her reflux and constipation. She recently developed an intolerance to soy and is back to herself on Rice milk now.