Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Bucket

They come in all shapes and sizes.  Growing up in China my sister and I called ours the "lu tong," or green bucket.  These days we use a blue, round, plastic bucket from a hospital operating room.  It comes in handy when the stomach bug attacks!!

Yes, this Thanksgiving we got the nasty bug. (thus the lack of pictures.  Head over to Lee's blog to see a few) Our wonderful family came down from TN to spend the holiday weekend with us, and the night they arrived I came down with it.  Thanksgiving morning Patrick got his turn, and that afternoon poor Josiah succumbed.   Needless to say it didn't turn out like we had hoped.  As the old saying goes, Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans (John Lennon).  We had plenty of plans all right!!

We still got to enjoy some time with our family, the kids had a blast playing together, we did actually have a Thanksgiving meal and yes, there is plenty to be Thankful for.

We are so very thankful for our parents who love us.  For Grandparents who visit, call and Skype us.  For sisters who care for us even when we are sick.  For friends who call.  For Doctors who listen.  For a hospital close by.  For a heavenly Father who knows all of our needs even before we ask.

Abby is sick now and we are settling in for a potentially long night.  poor little girl.

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