Thursday, September 30, 2010

15 months

Levi gets more funny every day!  His little personality is really coming out, and he is turning out to be a feisty one!

Still not walking but standing on his own very proudly.  He likes to stand and push a giant ball back and forth with us; Gigai (my mom) taught him this one.  This motivates him to stay standing more than anything.

 He loves balls!  In fact, it's one of the few words he says over and over all day long.  He points to balls, he smiles at them and crawls very fast to get one.  In the store today he giggled and giggled as I tossed him a soft football and he threw it back to me.  He thinks this is the best game ever!

His other favorite thing is eating.  Man, can he put some food away!  He's only 20 lbs and already eats as much as Josiah.

Some of his signs include:  more, up, bed time, ball and milk.  I think he understands many, many more but  just refuses to use them.  Could it possibly be a stubborn streak?  :) 

He says: momma, daddy, Abby and ball.  I'm sure he is saying more than this, but it's unrecognizable at this point... and very cute indeed.

His hair is getting longer and more curly in the back... especially when he smears food in it.  We've started putting shoes on him for the first time in his short life and he's not sure what to think of this.  At first he cried and started shaking his feet, then he stood up and seemed proud of himself.  He looks so adorable in shoes!  We don't make him wear them very often, but I suppose now that the weather is getting cooler he will be learning to like them.

Such a sweet little doll.  He still loves to cuddle!!  

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