Thursday, March 25, 2010

Party Time!

Josiah is turning 4 years old tomorrow. I can't believe it! Last weekend we traveled to TN to celebrate with our family and a few friends. The kids brought their riding toys to a church gym and enjoyed pedaling, scooting and crawling (Jack!) to their hearts content. It was fun to watch!

We got to spend some wonderful time with Christy and Lee and their sweet family. (pictures to come!) The weather was perfectly sunny and warm! Saturday we took the kids on a trail hike and watched as they explored the streams, the bugs and carefully chose sticks to 'fish' with. They are all at such fun ages. Jack and Levi were both snoozing quietly by the end of our trek.

Papa and Grandma made us feel so at home, playing with the kids and babysitting so we could go out on a date to Big Ed's Pizza... a local icon and one of our very favorite places to eat.


Abby is doing much better. Still having fevers every few evenings with seizures to go along, but she seems to sleep it off and usually wakes up feeling ok. I know, it's strange.

She is gaining back some of her strength and is starting to take steps in her Kid Walk again! Today she did some good exploring of toys with her hands and has been signing again. Instead of sleeping through her therapy sessions, she is back to protesting when prompted to work. It's a good sign of normalcy.

Levi is now getting into a full sitting position all by himself! He topples over sometimes, but catches himself pretty well. We are digging all kinds of interesting things out of his mouth these days. He's a quick little scavenger! I've seen him pull up to kneeling on more than one occasion and I won't be surprised to see him pull to standing very soon. His giggles have become more hearty and his feet are very ticklish. Every day I am just so thankful for such a healthy, chunky, smily boy! It's hard to believe a year ago we were hoping to make it to 30 weeks gestation. So much happens in a year...

Tomorrow is the Big day! Check in for Josiah's B-day movie coming up...

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Christy Younger said...

Oh yay!! I miss you guys so much it hurts! Seeing all those gorgeous smiling faces, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy!!