Friday, October 9, 2009

little gym

Josiah has started gymnastics at the little gym!  These were taken at his first class last week.  He loves it!

This year he has become much more aware (and sometimes annoyed) of all the attention Abby gets through her therapies/dr. appointments.  It has been a challenge trying to keep him occupied during the sessions without making him feel left out.  There are just too many appointments to simply ignore him. 

 We try to make plenty of effort to include him in taking care of Abby.  He likes being our big helper!  I'm always a little surprised at the things he is willing to do for her.  If her feeding pump beeps, he will announce "don't worry mom, I'll fix it."  And sometimes he actually does!

One way to give him special time alone and to get some energy out is through this fun class.  We think one of us will take him to his class and leave the others at home, so that this will be time set aside just for him.

He really does have a good attitude most of the time learning to share mommy/time with Abby.  I think he has a basic understanding that she needs extra from us.  

It's not about fairness, but more trying to be intentional about building his little spirit up and giving him a break from the routine.


Christy Younger said...

Way to go, 'Siah!! Yay, you are awesome!

abby said...

I know that we'll soon be facing this with Hallie and Lea. Right now, Lea sleeps/naps through most of Hallie's appointments, but she's getting to the toddler stage awfully fast and that's not going to be so easy to achieve (or ideal, for her, developmentally) anymore. Making sure she has some Lea special time and Lea special events like you have with Josiah really will make a difference, I think. And we're not even at a point where we can imagine explaining Hallie to Lea, but will be following your journey for tips, I am sure.