Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ER again

We had our first ER run from our new house last night.  It has proven to be a much quicker trip!

Abby had an off day yesterday.  She had several seizures, didn't do well at UCP on the tread mill and had a low grade fever (100.6) in the afternoon.

Right after supper Patrick found her on the couch in one of her prolonged seizures.  We hadn't heard her and didn't know how long she had been seizing.  After giving Diastat we loaded everyone in the van and rushed off to the ER.  It only took about 6 minutes to get there!!

After 3 sticks they finally got it stopped with IV meds.  They did the usual blood and urine tests in addition to the flu swab.  So far everything came out ok.  Her fever got up to 103+ at the hospital, so we know she is sick with something.  Poor thing.

The medication made for a restless night of tossing and turning for her and for us.  Today she is a bit disoriented and tired.  We are having a quiet day at home with no therapies.  It has been rather nice for all of us.


MaryM said...

So sorry to hear this and hope Abby is feeling better by today.

Christy Younger said...

My poor sweet girl, hope you are feeling better!